Founder Jemal Finney
Founder Jemal Finney

Founded in 2015, Finney Project is a disabled veteran and minority-owned business operating in Washington, DC. We provide high-quality solution-based services.

Our Vision

To achieve a world where everyone is treated with a grace that ignites a light that encourages people to live passionately.

Our Mission

To deliver quality products and services that meet the stated objectives and maximize return on investment.

Our Core Values


We care about the people who live in the communicates where we work and beyond. 


We hold ourselves accountable to deliver what we say, when we say.


We are dedicated to keeping our promises in business and in the community.


We have hope for a better future where equity has been achieved for all through kindness and grace to our fellow humans. 


We work with integrity, focusing on your business needs.


We encourage people to find what inspires them and to live life passionately.

Let’s work together.